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What Can Queen City Do For Your Practice?

Be part of a team – yet still independent.

Queen City Financial Advisors, LLC  is one of the largest branches with Securities America, Inc. We currently have more than 30 Independent Financial Services Professionals located in six states.

An affiliation with Queen City Financial Advisors provides financial professionals with access to the dynamic technology and resources of a large broker-dealer, while having the personal touch and unique support of an independent branch.

Affiliation Benefits Include:

  • We stay in frequent contact with the Reps either in person, phone or email to keep on top of important issues, and to ensure that the Rep (and staff) is fully trained on all of the processing and compliance-related issues.
  • We can provide the Rep with either remote assistant support or have the Rep’s assistant be an employee of QCFA for payroll and benefit purposes.
  • We are personally responsible for approving each piece of business and reviewing all correspondence, and try to help Reps present their business so it is suitable for the client, easy to approve, and to become as familiar with a Rep’s business and their clients as they are.
  • We provide branch access for all Reps to:
    • Morningstar Advisor Workstation – mutual fund, stock and VA analysis;
    • Forefield Broadridge Advisor Solutions – industry communication tool;
    • Marketing Library – Peter Montoya client ready marketing materials.
  • As one of the top branches at Securities America, we have a voice with senior leadership, and have access to the decision makers when issues arise.
  • We ensure that all our Reps have business continuation plans, and arrangements in place for both emergency purposes as well as longer-range succession plans.
  • We provide assistance on sales strategies, product information, and marketing ideas, sharing knowledge among the Reps in the branch and providing as much or as little product knowledge and support as needed
  • Cincinnati-area based Reps are welcome to use our downtown Cincinnati conference rooms to meet clients.

Reps are encouraged to link their presence to our QCFA website to let their clients know they are part of a bigger organization.