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About Our Broker Dealer

The choice of Broker Dealer to the independent representative should be measured by their ability to help the representative grow and provide service their clients. At Queen City Financial Advisors, LLC, we value our Broker Dealer, Securities America, as a true business partner. We believe that the Broker Dealer should provide a flexible platform to accommodate our comprehensive financial planning approach and have the economy of scale to be a long-term service provider.

The Broker Dealer is responsible for managing compliance oversight in a highly regulated industry, provide first-class programs to expand offerings with the end client, ease the day-to-day middle office operations, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and create technology solutions for operation efficiencies and client service. In addition, the Broker Dealer should maintain a wide-variety of quality products, properly manage client privacy, and be able to facilitate our succession planning needs and goals. We expect a lot from our Broker-Dealer and in the independent model it is an extremely important decision to make for your business needs.

Securities America, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent Broker Dealers. As the business growth experts for independent business owners, they provide tangible solutions for client acquisition needs, practice management programs, and wealth management answers to move up market. Their regional approach from their headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska provides a quality relationship that is rarely found in the business world anymore.