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Quarter 4 - 2023

The quarter in brief as of 12/29/2023 (1)

                                                                          Fourth Quarter         Year to Date

Dow Jones Industrial Average                           + 4.71%                     + 12.01%

S&P 500                                                             +11.69%                      +26.29%                 

Bloomberg US 10 + YR Corp Index                 +14.01%                      +10.93%

 Well that was a surprise! We entered 2023 with economists predicting a recession, a FED determined to fight stubbornly high inflation with rate hikes and a regional banking crisis. Despite all this, we ended the year with the biggest stock market rally since 2019.

Looking ahead to 2024 it appears that the US economy remains healthy. The predicted worries over a deep recession are lessening, unemployment figures remain low, wages continue their rise and consumer spending was high through the just completed Christmas season.

Coming into an election year, there is always fear over how the election results will impact the market. While no two years are the same, the good news is that historically speaking the market produces lower returns in the year preceding a presidential election, but it typically recovers and outperforms over the following 12 months regardless which party is in office. (2)

So, as you hear us say repeatedly, your portfolio must be properly diversified to match your risk profile and remain invested for the long term. If you have any questions about your portfolio, please contact us to review your own retirement portfolio.


 The Hais Team