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What You Wear Matters to Clients and Prospects

March 27, 2019

Your clients look to you for advice and guidance. They count on you to be professional in every aspect, including education, training and how you dress. What you wear to the office should send the message that you are competent, trustworthy and professional.

So do male advisors need a closet full of $3,000 designer suits? No. But you should have a basic wardrobe of quality components including at least one suit, a variety of long-sleeve cotton dress shirts and several pairs of stylish dress pants. Top it off with a variety of quality silk ties, and a male advisor will have a winning wardrobe.

Female advisors should have a variety of perfectly fitted, high-quality dresses, suits and blouses.

Monica Diaz a New York City based fashion consultant recommends that female investment advisors dress “conservative, polished, current and approachable”. She prefers straight dresses, with cap, full or three quarter sleeves which can be worn with or without jackets.

Finally, freshly polished quality shoes are equally important for both male and female advisors. Too many advisors pay too little attention to their shoes. That is always a mistake, because your footwear says a lot about who you are.

Your office wardrobe should be understated and complement your brand and value proposition. You should always maintain an appropriate professional image any time you’re at work, as you never know when a client may stop in for an unscheduled visit.

What you wear to the office is a direct reflection of your success and your professionalism. Clients expect their money managers and advisors to be professional in their appearance and ready to handle their complex problems ­ not dressed like they’re heading to the golf course.

For more ideas on how to project your best image to your best prospects and clients, contact Queen City Financial Advisors for a no-obligation coaching call.


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