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Using Stories to Make a More Powerful Presentation

October 25, 2018

Story Telling Makes Presentations More Powerful and Personal

Clients don’t care to hear a list of the features or statistics of the products you recommend. They’re only interested in how a product or plan will help them reach their goals.

Stories are one way to clearly link points of information, so a client can relate your solution to their need. Once you’ve planted an idea using a story, the client will combine your narrative with their own experience to understand why they should choose your recommended solution.

You need more than a good story

For a story to successfully present a solution, it needs a strong hook – a powerful sentence or phrase that pulls your audience in and gets them to care about what you have to say. Also, a well-told story never gives away the ending. People will pay attention because they enjoy the suspense of wondering what happened next.

The story must be personal

When sharing a story, walk your audience step by step through the financial problem they’re experiencing by relating it to a similar experience that you or another client went through. Your story should lead them to your recommended solution.

Stories stimulate emotions

When clients listen to a standard presentation, the area of the brain processes language and logic is stimulated. But, when they’re told a story rich with meaning and cues, things change dramatically. Both sides of the brain are activated. Stories grip us and fuel emotions.

Four elements of a good story

Stories need key elements to succeed:

  • A sympathetic main character – Clients need to be able to see themselves in the situation.
  • Stimulus – Characters need motivation to move toward resolution.
  • Tension or Conflict – Characters must overcome challenges or obstacles.
  • Crossroad – Ultimately, the client in your story needs to agree to your solution.

Stories have long been used to illustrate how people have overcome challenges and can be a powerful tool to use when communicating with prospects and clients. But like any other skill, using stories effectively in your presentations takes time and practice.

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