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Four Easy Tips For Using Technology to Drive Growth

July 25, 2018

Studies consistently show the most successful advisors rely on technology more than ever and spend more on upgrading and implementing technology than their average peers.

Advisors from this thriving segment of the industry often cite technology as their top priority when managing their practice and enhancing profitability. The most tech-savvy advisors view ignoring technology as a far more costly choice than adopting cutting-edge solutions.

If you plan to upgrade your technology or want to better use the technology you have, consider these four simple tips.

Prospect on Social Media

Today’s most successful advisors see an increased presence on social media as their top strategy for attracting the next generation of investors. While it’s certainly not the only solution for attracting new clients, when used properly, social media can be a cost-effective tool for building your brand and connecting with potential clients in a genuine, authentic manner.

Mix It Up On Social Media

Don’t use exactly the same content on each of your social media platforms. Content that resonates with Twitter followers may not have the same impact on LinkedIn or Facebook. Use Twitter for short informative pieces of 140 characters or less. Facebook is generally more personal in nature, and LinkedIn is a professional network suited for more technical information.

Enhance the Client Experience

Studies confirm the most effective customer experiences are tuned to each clients’ unique needs. Technology makes it easier for successful advisors to leverage tools for risk-management and tax optimization and combine them with account aggregation platforms to more effectively and efficiently deliver important information to clients.



You Still Need the Human Touch

All the best technology in the world can’t replace face-to-face meetings as the most effective communication method. Use technology to provide clients exactly what they need when they need it in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Creating an effective technology structure that creates a superior customer experience can be a daunting undertaking. Contact Queen City Financial Advisors for a no obligation coaching call on how the latest technology can help you manage your practice more efficiently and profitably.


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