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Business Continuation and Succession Planning

September 06, 2022

Many advisors that I speak with have given some thought to business continuation and/or succession planning but have not done anything about it.

At Queen City Financial Advisors we take the issue of business continuation seriously. We encourage all of our advisors to have a continuation plan in place with the branch to protect you, your family and your clients in the event of an unexpected emergency.

In addition as a branch of Securities America/ Advisor Group we also have a tool called that can help you identify the best candidate for your succession and/or continuity plans. Since most advisors don’t have a plan in place, this technology helps you not only develop your plan, but also to help ensure your business lands in the best hands.

I would love the opportunity to discuss business continuation and succession planning and to see how joining one of the top independent branches at one of the top broker dealers in the industry may be the right move for your business.