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3 Keys to More Impactful Client Communications

May 20, 2020

3 Keys to More Impactful Client Communications

The current COVID -19 pandemic has caused some reps in our branch to re-evaluate the ways and the amount of communication they should be having with clients.

Some admit, over the 11-year bull market that ended in March, they became too casual and lax about client communications. But the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent market volatility have made it more important than ever to ensure we’re keeping clients up to date on what’s happening with their portfolios.

When evaluating your messaging to clients, be sure you take into consideration these three key components to effective communications.

Trust – Your messages should instill confidence in your client by showing them you are aware of their needs and assuring them they will get a quick response when they contact you. The more you’re in regular contact with your client, the stronger their trust in you will be. During times like these, make sure the client knows they have direct access to you at any time.

Empathy – The more communication you have with your client the better understanding you will have of their expectations, their needs and their responses to stressors. When you pay close attention to your clients and place yourself in their shoes, you’re positioned to better empathize with them.

Friendship – There’s a fine line between professionalism and friendship. Naturally, the more you get to know your client the better the bond will be making communications easier and more pleasant. This strong working relationship will only be enhanced from communicating regularly and being personable.

Frequent communication can only increase your popularity and your trustworthiness with your clients. These are just three key areas to focus on when crafting client communications.

If you would like to arrange a time to discuss with us some of the ways our reps are communicating with their clients now and throughout the year please feel free to contact me anytime.