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Q4 2021 Client Letter

Welcome to 2021… I mean 2022.

It seems that the more things change the more they stay the same. We were hoping COVID would be a thing of the past but it’s not. Politics continue to be a major factor in our economy. The Federal Reserve is planning 2022 rate hikes although many suspect there may be only one, possibly two. Employment continues to confound many as unemployment figures appear to be low while many jobs gone unfilled and wages continue to increase.

Chris and I would love to include these topics in our review of your portfolio as we want to make sure your holdings are well positioned to take advantage of and/or protect from any long term negative impact that they may have on investments in 2022.

We have had a couple of questions about the annual calendars we used to send out to clients. Two years ago we decided to only send them to clients that have asked for them and instead have made an annual donation to the Cincinnati Free Store Foodbank. But please let us know if we left you off by accident and you would like to continue receiving one.

As always please contact us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to schedule a time to meet in person or by zoom.

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The market indexes discussed are unmanaged and generally considered representative of their respective markets. Individuals cannot directly invest in unmanaged indexes. Past performance does not guarantee future results. U.S. Treasury Notes are guaranteed by the federal government as to the timely payment of principal and interest. However, if you sell a Treasury Note prior to maturity, it may be worth more or less than the original price paid