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Common Characteristics of Representatives

Over the years, we have helped many financial representatives find their way to a more profitable and satisfying practice. Whether you exhibit a fierce independence streak in your business practices or you prefer a camaraderie-based, teamwork approach to serving your clients, Queen City Financial Advisors can help you.

Our firm is an advisor-driven, wealth management firm where individual attention to each client’s wants and needs is central to providing personalized, consistently extraordinary service. We offer comprehensive financial planning as the foundation of our client relationships.

Our firm’s mission statement provides a blueprint for how we relate to our clients and serve their individual best interests, one client at a time. We strive for a clear understanding of each client’s hopes, goals and dreams, and then work closely with them to achieve those aspirations using appropriate wealth management services, financial strategies and investment products.

Throughout our years of success as a financial services firm, we have identified some common characteristics of representatives who have thrived at Queen City Financial Advisors. They include:

►   A passion for putting the client first, always

►   Integrity in every aspect of the representatives’ personality and life

►   An entrepreneurial spirit

►   A desire to take their already successful practice to an even higher level of success by combining the resources of Securities America with the advice and support of Queen City Financial Advisors

►   A minimum of five years financial services experience, and a verifiable annual GDC production of at least $100,000 in fees and commissions

►   A desire to operate their business in an environment of successful independent advisors and planners  with a common goal of helping each individual client reach their goal

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